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Because import directly from manufacturers recommend

Posted by on December 27, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Porque Cool Beans Import, LLC recommends import directly from manufacturers

Hello to all our supporters

I want to start this publication thanking the thousands of comments this blog receives monthly, doubts, suggestions and make our services Import Cool Beans, LLC a company in constant growth. Thank you, and happy New Year 2013!
They should know because since I started this blog, I have been developing as an entrepreneur since importer 7 years. Working from Lima, Peru have come to matter ATVs, Motorcycles, electronics, Slippers, Furniture, Paneles Trivision, and various types of heavy machinery, and other products for our domestic and international clients.


Our main suppliers are in China, India and the US.

Let me share my opinion, very personal indeed, because our company on import directly from manufacturers recommended, and no other supplier.

And I'll tell you exactly why lines down, explaining the positive and negative of each case. If this is your first time here, I suggest you see our section Consulting Services, our newsletter and you download it immediately subscribas to receive updated information on Import Business, and strategies to your email.


I will cite an example Provider:

This is the kind of well-known online search provider and call Wholesalers.

In other words it is a supplier that resells products purchased from other suppliers, who in turn are either resellers are either suppliers Manufacturers, merchandise we sell their surplus from previous campaigns.

For this reason, a supplier could expect Wholesaler High Costs and Low Quality, very often, different from the requested.

If you are thinking about having an experience of import, I recommend providers there you can pay them even card but is much safer to import units. While on prices, These are similar.

But if what you really want is create a successful import business, I recommend you start your business with suppliers Manufacturers, who will give you Best costs, and increased product quality.

However, do not have the wide range of products and models offer you a Wholesaler.

The great advantage It is that to connect directly with manufacturers are taking seriously the start or expand a business imports; more, with a reseller, all you're getting is a product that the import, sometimes it costs more, what you could do it in your own country.

If you ask me, whether or not it is reliable one Wholesaler, I would tell them to look at their payment, often only through Paypal or Western Union deposits. Never deposited to someone they do not know ... it can be anything.


And if it is apparently reliable and comes to send your products, Wholesaler any guarantees good quality, or long-term availability.


The key questions I will do today, They are as follows ...
That you can do business with a vendor that will not guarantee constant availability for your future purchases, immediately after you have verified that your business does sell?

Your business that you can take, Wholesaler Provider with you selling at prices well above the direct suppliers or manufacturers?

I always recommend you start a business of imports, by buying from a startup to Manufacturers, because despite not having excessive variety of models and despite demand minimum order quantities, They offer good quality at very competitive prices, and hence, le and una excellent stability to your future business.

Likewise, you import directly from manufacturers It allowed to compete with those who currently dominate your market, with lower price or higher quality, for any product you want to import.

Short and long term, My personal conclusion is to start or expand a business imports directly from manufacturers is always the best option. From the beginning, and if serious about the future of your business you take.

En Cool Beans Import, LLC; our job is to locate, research, inspect and visit manufacturers and / or suppliers of any product companies. If you're thinking seriously about importing from China, India, Spain or the US, Get in contact with us, writing to

Please tell us which product is specifically need and capital you invest and you dare not lose.
Finally, all business starts to identify an opportunity, a good product, contact you directly with manufacturers, importing and selling leveraging your competitive advantages and unique differential.

And for all the aforementioned, Cool Beans us Import, LLC would be happy to help you and your advisors in import, because not only have experience as importers, but opening markets and creating opportunities for the various products we import ourselves and our customers.
We specialize in security give you all your investment needs. And to help you with all our experience, knowledge, contacts and information on expanding your business ...

I hope that helps a little to clarify the issue of import Wholesalers.

Do not forget, if the information was helpful you, share it on your Facebook wall or send the link to a friend who needs. And remember that any information contained in this blog is a product of our own business experience.

Do not forget to subscribe for more information and updated.

See you at the peak of your success!

Hugo Perez
Cool Beans Import, LLC
@ 2013 All rights reserved

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