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How to import from China successfully (Have business with China)

Posted by on October 16, 2012 in Blog | 2 comments

While it is true many people are interested in starting an import business, not many, they will do it. And the reason is that most people who have the interest to import from China, generally you do not have access to good information.

Those will remain for a long time stuck in the 'want to do', while other entrepreneurs will do, as they have access to high quality information and advice from other successful importers.

Undoubtedly, I speak only to entrepreneurs who are willing to accept the challenge to import any products from China and already made the wise decision to do.

The question now ... What do you expect me?

What is the procedure to import any products from China?

Let me explain it clearly now:

1. Product choice
Here are several ideas generally, among which you can think of, choose the one that best connect with your interests and hobbies. If you're importing something, you should enjoy selling!
If you already have a product, be sure to list the technical specifications and / or description so you can quote it then.

2. Search Provider
There are millions of providers in China, but how many of these are reliable suppliers? A simple vista, no one can know ... so we have to quote, filtrándolos.

3. Price
You must learn to interact with Chinese sellers, usually not lower or 1 penny, when they know you have no choice. The best strategy is to say the lowest price you've got another vendor.
When we have contacted and quote you always clear the technical specifications of the product you want to import.

4. Research Provider
A good supplier is the basis for your business. The only way to fully trust a provider is visiting him in person. For that, or you must travel to China and do everything on your own or otherwise employ specialists in imports and advise in this process. Many will tell you that it is not necessary to visit your provider, which is a lie. To be safe, we visit and filter the best among the whole range of suppliers in China.

5. Secure payment
Never will you you deposit a provider for Western Union, or on behalf of an individual.
Use common sense and only depositale suppliers 100% reliable through bank transfers to the Chinese bank Swift code.

6. Tax payment
When your products are on the way, and you can go to manage some of its own procedures of each import. Unlike what many say, This is the simplest of the whole process. You should always pay taxes to cash out your customs products.

7. Marketing, Sale & Distribution
Well here it would not stop talking ... it is the most important and should be your primary focus. Selling with passion is to make your business grow and grow without stopping.

And ... that's all the procedure to import any product from China successfully.
I stress once again the importance of advice to avoid being scammed.

Success leaves footprints, always follow the footsteps of those who have already walked the path before you and everything will be easier and no surprises. The experience is much more important than the theory.

These are some of the products you can import, to give you some ideas I have selected the most innovative:

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Do you have any questions? Do you want to import from China?
Write me in the comments section, below and I will answer in less than 24 hours.

By your continued success,
It lives, but & I am fully free ....

Hugo Perez


  1. Sorry, I would like to know what competitors importers of shoes, that is

    • You can research the company IRUN of Peru. We can advise you fully if you want to make an investment in Slippers, our work is to investigate, visit and filter China the best provider for your business model. You can call in Peru to 958649057 / 989807001
      Cordiales Saludos,
      Cool Beans International, S.A.C

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