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Asesorate por Profesionales…

Posted by on August 26, 2012 in Asesoria en Importaciones | 1 comment

Asesorate por Profesionales…

…Construye un negocio de Importaciones con Sólidas bases, te guiaremos en todo el proceso!

Para que uno de nuestros asesores lo apoye integralmente en su negocio de importación, sírvase comunicarse con nosotros a:

Servicios de consultoría y programas exitosos de negocios

1. Gold Research Provider

We investigate the best supplier for you, sin importar el producto que quiera traer, y las especificaciones del mismo. Nosotros nos encargamos de ubicarlo, investigate and give you a totally reliable supplier and verified by our business agents located in China, India, US and Canada.

We work with our team of professional advisors and our business agents in these countries. To offer this exclusive service.

The time it takes for this research is 10 días, and it includes a report that will be sent to your door and all the photos of private investigation we did, for your company.

2. Premium consultancy in import

(It Includes Professional Business Evaluation)

This is a general consulting package, that gives you everything you need to know to start, established and have great success in the business of imports.

The package includes the Professional Assessment Business, Initial Strategy Session, Investigation Supplier and deprived of its investigation report, Legality and training systems need to be Created.

  • Access consulting via emails, unlimited.
  • bi-weekly training via Skype and other business training materials.
  • You will have a personalized professional adviser, who will you track the development of their business, and will work with you.
  • We eliminate any confusion that might carry potential business imports, and show you how you can import safely, legal and effective any product you have chosen. saving you time, money and energy invested!
  • Our team of professionals has over 10 years of experience in the business of imports and give the complete information you need to learn step by step to easily manage this aspect of the overall view of your business.
  • If you prefer not to do this work on their own and get us to do, Follow the package we offer Global Gold.

3. Monitoring Global Gold

For importing, direct negotiation and permanent communication with the investigated supplier, by one of our professional advisors.

Stop worrying altogether, we take care until your order is in your hands.

This package has a separate cost, if you decide that our professional team take care of all “details” importation.

Note: If you buy the "Consulting Premium" package you have a discount 50% in the "Monitoring Global Gold".

Contact us to answer all your questions and choose which package you should purchase.

Finally know that:

Cool Beans Import, LLC saves time, money and effort.

You You not have to travel and resort to unnecessary spending in China, because we guarantee our The best price and quality, for the specific product you want to import.

Simply send us an email with Specifications del producto que desea importar y uno de nuestros representantes se comunicará con usted de inmediato, para ello asegúrese tambien de proporcionarnos su número de celular.


Skype ID: coolbeansimport

Messenger ID:

Oficina Perú: 958649057

Celular Perú: +511- 989807001

Oficina EEUU: +1 (201) 9165023 (New Jersey-EEUU)

1 Comment

  1. Amigo Importador:

    Para cualquier consulta sobre tu importación llámanos directamente a los teléfonos:

    Si estas en Peru: +51 (1) 6554590 y +51 (1) 958649057
    ó al +51 (1) 989807001

    Oficina EEUU: +1 (201) 9165023 (New Jersey-EEUU)

    Resolver tus dudas es importante antes de arriesgar tu inversión.

    Asesorarte por profesionales es una movida inteligente y de seguro el mejor respaldo a tu inversión 😉

    Garantizamos una importación exitosa.

    Hugo Perez
    Director de Ventas
    Cool Beans Import, LLC

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