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8 Tips for Choosing a Good Product for Import ...

Posted by on August 26, 2012 in Blog | 10 comments

8 Claves para Elegir un Buen producto para Importar…

Many of the participants in this community, We have been asking,

Where do I start?

What product should matter?

And the production of China is as varied, and so is the demand for products, We overwhelm many us. We thought too, and sometimes, We do not take a specific decision, defining the direction of our business.

It is paramount, how to choose, el producto que queremos comercializar, pues de eso depende el éxito de nuestro negocio de importaciones.

Aquí y ahora, te revelaremos las 8 claves que te permitirán ELEGIR tu producto (Si es que aún no lo has hecho).

Toma nota mientras vayas leyendo, de tal manera que puedas, empezar HOY mismo a buscar y elegir el producto que importarás.

1. Piensa en productos o temas que te gusten

Siempre es mejor hacer lo que a uno nos gusta, lo que nos apasiona.

La oferta de productos es tan variada y amplia, que si vas a elegir un producto, es mejor que sea algún producto relacionado a lo que te gusta.

Piensa en un producto con el que te sientas cómodo, promocionándolo.

Piensa en un producto que encaje naturalmente a tus más grandes motivaciones.

2. Productos que no pasen de moda

Piensa en productos que no pasen de moda rápidamente, tienes que pensar siempre a largo plazo.

Piensa en algo que pueda tener éxito en el mercado actual y en el futuro.

En el mercado Nacional e Internacional.

3. Productos con buen margen de ganancia

The success of a product is how quickly sold, and how much you earn per sale.

If you're going to market a product, for the purpose of making a fortune and take advantage of your time; it is logical to choose a product with large profit margin.

Note that:

"The less you earn per sale, much more will have to sell "

4. Study product demand

To market a product, you must first know if this, it sells well.

No amounts a product, without the knowledge of their demand in your local market, at national level and at the level of other nearby countries.

To make this study, visit all the shops you find, where already sold.

If your product is novel and unique in the market, Remember that you must be working from and, even before making your import, in doing so known.

To make this process simpler market research, can Filter by country and research in virtual markets, as:


Remember that all these pages, They contain great ideas import, Free access, you must learn to harness.

5. Consider your competition

You must learn to study your competition: Analyzes every detail about their marketing strategies and sales systems. So too, advertising.

To facilitate your research, using tools such as Google Alerts, They sent by email when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify. O well, if you want to go further, send someone trustworthy to the store or office of your competitor to observe how it operates.

Identifies who they are “everyone” your competitors; remember you have to include, besides those who seem “obvious”, all appear on your radar.

6. Considers import successful products in other countries

Why reinvent the wheel?

If you place yourself in other countries a high-demand, HiGhly it is likely that yours will do so!

For that, studying the demand for this product in other countries.

7. Branded products

A product of a known brand, You can attract people immediately. Since product quality, It is supported by that mark, and not what you say. This can give you a unique distinction to your product. However, there may be a lot of active competition.

8. Exclusive products

Also think about the possibility of selling an exclusive product. Perhaps after your research you find that that product has not yet reached your country. It is then, time to open a market for this product and you will be the first.

It is interesting, many manufacturers, welcome to put your own brand, before sending the product to your country. This occurs when your order is relatively large, and it's about talking to your provider.

When starting an import business, you must make final decisions about the product or products you want to market. Of course, with time and experience you gain, You can specialize or increase the variety of products you offer.

Note that, for more studies to do, You can not predict with certainty, Consumer reaction of your customers. This is unpredictable, often they give us a positive surprise.

All you can rest assured, is that importing that product, with a reliable supplier and verified, you will not lose your principal. You have won, an enriching experience.

Our advice is that, if you do not choose a product, you choose one and invest your time, energy and money to take possession of a market, yet unexploited.

And when you saw that opportunity you wanted, and you know that, efectivamente, It is in China, in the US or in India, back here to help you import.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments on any topic related?

Queremos escuchar de ti, use the section below to comment.

For your successes,

Hugo Perez,

CEO @ Cool Beans Import LLC



P.D: Printable PDF version, you can download the ON HERE.



  1. Hello Mr. Hugo Perez, first let me congratulate you and your blog is a very good blog where everyone can report the import.

    A whole case let me tell you that I am a young man 21 years, Peruvian interested in entering this world of import and seeking information about this topic with your blog shock me really that I find very interesting but I see that is a risky business if you do not know about how to sell what you're importing, but he who dares, wins, the truth would be good to place a small testimony of how you began to grow with this imports and especially to see if we can give some key consejitos to import because everyone seeks to buy different things.

  2. If I would like to know if you want to put a business or as conosco dropshoping companies that really give the service and profit is important? Thank you.

  3. Hugo, again thanks for selflessly sharing valuable information for those who want to start a business of imports, but we have some suspicion or fear of how it will work and what steps must follow.
    I would ask other information that I do not know and surely you must dominate perfectly. It is on shipments of goods from China, in small volumes. for those who want to import from 3 pieces. This means that messaging or handled SUNDRIES, how do they work, costs, if they are safe, etc.
    Thank you again for your help in este'proceso.

    • Hello Paty, I sent you an e-mail. Revisalo. Cheers!

    • Hello Paty, we will send you an email. Check it and answer us. a greeting!
      Rodrigo Menocal
      Cool Beans Import, LLC

  4. Good evening, thank you for your dedication in sharing information for those who want to start a business of imports, yet we have some doubts or fears for constant web scams. But that does not mean the desire to undertake this business. I would like to ask about shipping goods from China, as well as laptops, cameras, camcorders.. as cost function, if they are safe, etc.
    Thank you for your time and help.

    • Hola, I'll write to your email tomorrow morning.

  5. Hi, how are you!
    I would like more information about the company!
    because I want to start a company of import.
    I hope your's feedback
    Thank you!

  6. Hello I am interested in finding factories where I can buy at wholesale all, My special interest is Clothing, Car lights, Fashion, Beauty, Home accessories, etc.
    I wish advisors me please. What should I do?

    • Hello, ximena, Thanks for your comment. We can advise you and contact you directly with those Chinese manufacturers who are looking.
      1I was. You must Select a Profitable Product: You should always start with 1 product, I know that by putting us to think we can think of many ideas (And of course, there are plenty of Chinese products); but you must be specific about what you want to import.
      (Advice: You have a list of your interests / hobbies and chosen based on this list)
      I give you the Link: (Do not look at prices, since they are ready to end customers: The actual cost would be a 30% what you see there)
      2do. Now you must find a reliable supplier (If possible, which has the highest quality and the lowest price – or the most competitive) for your market sector. This is where you should advise, and we're here to help. The supplier is verified personally visiting it, after obtaining their
      quotes. You must make a contract with us Advice to help you in all your import process.
      3I was. To sell, then you have the product in your hands, having paid all taxes customs (of which you do not have to worry, since you are advised by us). Your only concern then you choose the product you want to import, Marketing should be done & sales, creating a strategy customer reception, tracing, Close contact for further sales. While it is true we all start selling sometime Unit, Being your mindset must be a wholesale distributor in the shortest time possible.
      To continue the import process you follow these 3 steps, or get 0051-01-6554590 (If you are outside Peru)
      And if you're in Peru you can call directly to: 958649057 / 989807001. Mail:
      Cheers & successes!
      – Hugo Perez

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